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Knowledge Organisers

We utilise Knowledge Organisers so that the children have an additional way of recording their knowledge in one easy to refer to document. The knowledge organisers that our children use are written by them; they add to them as they learn which ensures they are specific to what they have learned.


By adopting this approach, our knowledge organisers include the essential facts about a specific topic in science, history and geography. They include: key vocabulary or technical terms and their meanings. The vocabulary and knowledge learnt is regularly referred to so that learning becomes memorable.


At the beginning of each new History, Geography or Science unit, the children are asked to share what they already know so that prior learning can be assessed. Alongside our 'Big Questions', any gaps in knowledge help steer the learning in a particular direction, ensuring the children are given the opportunity to develop their own knowledge about aspects of learning they are unsure of and want to learn more about in addition to planned curriculum content.


The key vocabulary is referred to throughout the unit of work and is on display in the classrooms so that the children's knowledge and understanding of specific vocabulary is developed each day. Learning new vocabulary in Science, History, Geography etc. ensures that the children can apply their understanding to other subjects and fully understand new words and terms within context.