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Each month, the children learn about a particular value that has an important meaning both in our school and the wider community. This is discussed in whole school assemblies as well as in class so that the children understand what that value looks like and how to display it in a positive way. In the Hall, any books related to that value are available for the children to read at lunch. They can also use break and lunch-times to write the names of children who have displayed the month’s value on the blackboard for everyone else to see.


As well as learning about a different value each month, the children also receive a wide variety of assemblies across the year. Each week, the children learn about a festival/celebration/important reminder to ensure that they develop British values as well as understand how to look after themselves. To support the messages that we deliver through our assemblies, a wide range of visitors are invited into school to share their experiences and enhance the children's knowledge and understanding about different cultures, faiths and other interests.


Once a week, the children have a dedicated 'physical movement' assembly to further promote the importance of staying healthy, both physically and mentally. Positive mental wellbeing is something we discuss and promote in school and physical exercise is an important contributor to our mental wellbeing.


Each Friday, the whole school gather together to celebrate one another’s success. One child from each class is awarded the ‘Best Efforts’ Certificate. This means they have produced outstanding work and effort that week. Children are also awarded the ‘Super Star Certificate’ if they have achieved the most team points. It is also an opportunity for children across school to bring their own certificates into school e.g. swimming, and celebrate this with their friends.