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At our school, we have three different councils. Each council plays an integral role in making decisions that will improve our school. All three councils meet at least once per half term and have the chance to share their work with the rest of our school community.




This year, the School Council have been given the responsibility of to helping to re-write our School Rules and adapt our current Behaviour Systems. They have met with the Headteacher, Mr Ashcroft, to share their thoughts and have taken on board the views of the children in their class. Their final task will be to meet with our school's Senior Leadership Team in March/April when the firm decisions will be made about the adaptions we're making.


Our Eco Council are constantly exploring new ways to adapt the way in which we do every day tasks so that we are more eco-aware. Recently, they have completed local litter picks and dog poo sweeps to improve the area we live in. They have also worked with the local council to recycle Christmas trees in our Forest School.  The Eco Council have continued to regularly recycle batteries, plastic bottles, Christmas trees, ink cartridges, food waste as well as biodegradable rubbish in our 'homemade' compost bins. The Eco Council are also leading our Fish Keepers Project and developing an understanding of how to look after different types of fish.



Our Sports Council meet regularly to help decide, plan and then organise the half-termly intra-school sports competitions such as cross-country, orienteering and Sports Day for all of our children take part in.

In addition to this, they have recently been given the task of improving the sports pitch that is used at break and lunch-times so that more time is spent playing sports and less collecting the balls that go over the fence!


Eco Council Minutes Spring 2023

Eco Council Achievements

In 2018-2019, the Eco Council achieved the Gold Green Tree Award on behalf of the Woodland Trust as well as the School's Wild Challenge organised by the RSPB. We currently hold a Silver Eco-School Award which is going towards our Green Flag Eco School's Award. We also received a recycling award from Wyre Borough Council.


In June 2019, we were delighted to be invited to the Lancashire Green Hero Awards for our many contributions to promoting eco awareness. At the awards, we were so excited to be named Eco School of the Year for Lancashire.