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Our EYFS curriculum is deigned in a way that develops children’s independence with a strong emphasis on the prime areas of learning. We recognise children’s prior learning and starting points when they join our Pre-School/Reception Class and ensure our curriculum provides opportunities that makes learning connections, maximises learning opportunities and promotes learning in various settings and situations including regular learning in our Forest School environment.

Learning within our indoor and outdoor continuous provision provides the chance for children to apply their knowledge and learning, work alongside and with their peers, and express themselves through their own interests. By the end of EYFS, it is our intention that all children are ready to move into Year 1 and are able to begin working on the National Curriculum Programme of Study.


This Overview provides details of the learning that takes place in EYFS. The planning is adapted throughout the year to meet the requirements of the cohort and to ensure the children's interests are taken into account when planning and delivering the curriculum.

The attached document demonstrates how Forest School is utilised to support EYFS. Forest School provides the children with the opportunity to develop a wide range of knowledge and skills. This bespoke document provides our staff with the opportunity to assess children's learning in the Forest School against the Early Learning Goals. It also enables staff that lead Forest School to work alongside the EYFS teacher to ensure we provide a bespoke curriculum that is specifically designed around the current EYFS cohort.


In order to assess our children's progress, we have developed our own EYFS Assessment/Tracker that takes account of the milestones we aim for all children to achieve each term and is linked to the curriculum we teach. The two documents above provide details of what a child aged 3+ in our Pre-School and a child in Reception will be working towards each term. This is broken down into each area of the Early Years Profile. For the children that aren't on track to achieve at least expected attainment by the end of Pre-School/Reception in a specific area will receive additional support, as soon as possible, often through interventions or within the classroom itself. Additional support is then closely monitored so that we can ensure the children are making accelerated progress.

Our EYFS staff meet each week to discuss children's learning as they continually assess progress so that adaptions can be made to ensure all children make the best progress possible.

We utilise the Development Matters document to assess children in Pre-School and Reception. This document also informs the EYFS staff's planning.