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At Thornton Primary School, safeguarding all children is the most important role we have. In order for children to be successful learners, they must feel safe and cared about. At Thornton Primary School, safeguarding is everyone’s role; all staff and governors play a vital role in ensuring this for all children.


Designated Safeguarding Leaders

At all schools, there must be a senior leader who is responsible for safeguarding called the Designated Safeguarding Leader. There must also be at least one person who is the Back-Up Safeguarding Lead. These members of staff must complete Level 4 and Level 5 training and complete refresher training every two years.

At our school, the following staff are the leaders for safeguarding:

Mr David Ashcroft, Headteacher, DSL

Mr Ben Burgess, Deputy Headteacher, Back-Up DSL

Miss Lauren Crook, Inclusion Manager, Back-Up DSL

Mrs Karen Brown, Family Learning Mentor, Back-Up DSL



All schools must also have a member of staff who is the Prevent Lead. This person must complete the Prevent training and have a secure understanding of this area of safeguarding. At our school, Mr David Ashcroft, Headteacher, is the Prevent Lead.


Safer Recruitment

When recruiting new members of staff, at least one member of the interviewing committee must be Safer Recruitment trained. At our school, both Mr David Ashcroft, Headteacher and Mrs Lisa Turner, Chair of Governors, are safer recruitment trained.


Safeguarding Training

Each year, all of the staff we employ must take part in Level 1 and Level 2 Safeguarding Training which is delivered by the DSL or Back-Up DSL. They also receive any relevant documents relating to safeguarding including the annually updated Keeping Children Safe in Education document. Throughout the year, staff have regular opportunities to update their safeguarding knowledge and skills about specific areas of abuse/concern.


How we record Safeguarding Concerns

As a school, we record all safeguarding concerns using an electronic system called Child Protection and Safeguarding Management System known as CPOMs. This enables our school to maintain accurate records and share them, securely, with those responsible for safeguarding in our school and applicable outside agencies.



Good attendance at school ensures children make the best academic and social progress. To ensure good attendance for all children, we have specific procedures in place to ensure this is the case; this is part of our wider safeguarding work. Mrs Brown, Family Learning Mentor, is our Attendance Leader.


Operation Encompass


Operation Encompass is a police & education early intervention safeguarding partnership enabling support for children and young people who are experiencing domestic abuse.


All police attended Domestic Violence and abuse incidents are shared with the school's Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) and back-up DSLs. This enables school to ensure the right support is put in place for the child(ren).

Information below from the National Crime Agency about sextortion and the importance of keeping children safe when online.