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Mentoring, Mental Health & Wellbeing



Mrs Brown is our Learning Mentor. She is responsible for:


  • liaising with school staff to identify pupils who would benefit from mentoring; 
  • helping pupils who are underperforming in their subjects on a one-to-one basis outside the classroom and looking at why they are underperforming and what can be done to help their situation; 
  • implementing strategies and supporting pupils in self-esteem and confidence-building activities; 
  • listening to and helping pupils resolve a range of issues that are creating barriers to learning; 
  • setting up and running circle time sessions and anger management groups; 
  • drawing up agreed action plans with pupils, outlining the aims of the mentoring; 
  • monitoring attendance and punctuality of pupils.

Mrs Brown is also involved in:


  •  visiting parents at home to discuss issues and problems
  •  advising parents on behaviour strategies and parenting skills; 
  • networking with other learning mentors and teachers and referring pupils to other appropriate professionals, e.g. social workers, educational psychologists and personal advisers.


In addition to the work Mrs Brown carries out, at least once each half-term, mentoring groups of children from EYFS-Year 6 meet to discuss a variety of topics with a designated mentoring member of staff. This time is also used to support pastoral issues and provides children with an additional adult they can speak to about any concerns or worries they might have.

Mental Health and Wellbeing


Supporting children's mental health & wellbeing is a very important part of the pastoral support we provide in school. Below are links to two websites that are very useful for parents/carers as they contain lots of advise and support that you are able to access.