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D&T Curriculum Overview

We believe that Design and Technology should be taught in a way that inspires creativity and imagination. Our pupils are encouraged to consider real-life problems; designing, making and evaluating products considering the product, purpose and user.


We provide opportunities for our children to research past and present designs and designers, understanding the impact that these products have had on daily life. When designing, children are encouraged to communicate their ideas through diagrams, mock-ups and prototypes. They learn technical knowledge relating to structures, mechanisms, textiles and food technology. They also develop skills when using various tools including scissors, saws and drills, considering accuracy and safety. Our children are encouraged to evaluate and test their ideas and products, ensuring that it meets the initial design brief.


Our Design and Technology curriculum enables children to develop knowledge and skills that are transferable to other curriculum areas such as maths, English and science. For instance, measuring and sawing wood, drawing labelled diagrams and seeing forces in action. There are many opportunities for children to practise technological skills through Forest School, such as building structures, using pulleys and preparing and cooking soup.


We seek to inspire all of our children, promoting their interests and developing their knowledge and skills. This is taught sequentially, from the EYFS to Year 6, where prior knowledge and skills are built upon and reinforced. Design and Technology is a subject where children of all abilities can showcase their creativity and skills. Simplified recording may be required for our SEND children, although high expectations and quality work is encouraged for all.